Meta Data.
A new standard in management & quality.

The standards-led, configurable data cloud uniquely enables the streamlined management of Film & TV content catalog metadata - editorial, technical, rights, compliance & more - for linear channels, non-linear platforms, devices, business models, territories & countries. Either stored directly in the database or instantly referenced through the Edge gateway, Meta Data helps you to standardise & store clean & accurate metadata.

• Consolidate global content catalogs & reduce operational costs.
• Eliminate duplication, preserve quality asset knowledge.
• All Data Types: WIP, Raw Camera / Feed, Short-form & Long-form masters.


Supported Data Categories

Curated + Descriptive Metadata. Load, store & cleanse of all content Editorial Metadata Attributes.

Asset + Object Metadata. Load, store & cleanse of all content Technical Metadata Attributes.

Standards + Content Rating. Load, store & cleanse of all content Regional Certification Metadata Attributes.

Alternate Language Audio & Captioning. Order, storage, tracking & management of Title Subtitle & Alternate Audio Track Metadata.

Press Centre
Programme Publication Information. Load, store & cleanse of all content Press Sheets + Marketing Materials.

Audiovisual Rights Management. Load, contract creation & storage of Rights Data on a per-entity basis. Access to Meta Rights Database.

Audience Measurement. Ingest, storage & management of title-related audience metrics & analytics.

Media Mentor
Recommendation Engine. Artificial Intelligence driven user content recommendation engine.

Unique Content Identification + Matching. Load of existing, Meta ID assignment and matching to industry standard IDs.

Commercial Break + Ad Insertion. Load, store & cleanse of all content Segmentation Metadata Attributes.

Display Art + Stills. Load, store & manage all Title Image Assets + Master / Mezzanine Artwork files.

Television + Broadcast Regulations. Load, store & cleanse all Content Warnings, Compliance Edits & Banned Content Flags.

Multi-Format Media Playback. Wide format viewing through HTML5 video player + optional proxy transcode & hosting.

Regional Configuration. Setup, management & configuration of company defined Territories.

Trending & Social. Dynamic linking to related title & contributor social media links & information.

App Stores & OTT. Screenshots, trailers, demonstrations, descriptive data, reviews & update / version history.


Meta Control.
Bring your data under control.

Via the clear & intuitive User Interface, Meta Control provides brilliant tools for you to manage, fix & clean your metadata, create definitive centralized standards, and design & manage your data estate & integrations. Permissions, ID & Filename Conventions, XML exports, Data & Integration Mapping, batch fixing and much more are managed effortlessly through accessible tools & processes.

• Centralised QA & Distribution Capability & rapid delivery of changes.
• Easily intercept and replace metadata for compliance purposes.
• Upload or ingest & manage your own asset metadata catalogue.


Management Tools

Web UI
Beautiful + Accessible Platform. Beautiful & Simple Abstract view of all assets & metadata. Detail hidden, obscured for deeper navigation.

ID Manager
Implement New ID Conventions. Tools for implementation of new Title ID conventions. Deployed as layer of existing for transition.

Drag & Drop XML Exporter
Simple XML Export Configuration. Tool to provide simple selection of data fields for inclusion in XML exports with real time preview.

Integration Designer
System Architecture Design Suite. Tools to allow for system mapping for required integrations overlaying Data Attributes.

Native Applications
Fast & Stable iOS + Desktop Apps. iOS Native Apps for high-level system usage.

Data Protection
Anonymised Data Transfer. Obscuring of User data through API. User data only available through whitelisted IP & VPN.

Tailored UI
UI Matches User Level. Intelligent interface providing light skin for end users, dark skin for pro & technical users.

Individual Access Configurator. Simple permissions, access & approvals processes. Built in efficient & user friendly process & governance.

Filename Manager
Implement New File-naming Conventions. Tools for deployment of new file-naming conventions as abstracted layer of existing for transition.

Data Mapping Manager
Data Matching & Transformations. Tools for matching data values from Meta to Third party for easy integration planning.

Batch Fixing
Grouped Asset Manipulation. Group content based on any attribute for bulk & group data amendments.

Migration Manager
Staging, Fixing & Migration. Tools to assist with automatic load, data grooming & switch-over to Meta.

Rights Manager
Industry Data Archive. Global Database of existing & new Rights categories.



Meta Work.
Many hands make light work.

Sometimes just having the right tool isn’t enough. Meta’s team of broadcast & media data management experts are on hand to assist you with the skills and expertise to ensure you get the most value from your catalog. All Meta customers have access to advice on best-practise, rights, exploitation, metadata improvement & hygiene, plus copywriting, translation & localisation services. We can even help with RPA data extraction from legacy systems to consolidate & clean your data, and make it available to your whole organisation.

Professional Services

Creation & curation of descriptive programme Metadata; Synopsis, Genres, Keywords, Themes, Moods, etc.

Extraction & validation of technical programme Metadata; Local Language, resolution, integrity, audio track allocation & much more.

Process Automation
Programme extraction of legacy data through process automation tools, OCR, data capture solutions & ingest into Meta.

Catalog Matching
Preparation & matching of existing catalogs to single standard identifiers. Cross matching of international & independent catalogs.


Meta Edge.
Taking the edge out of integration complexity.

A fully configurable API gateway enables the leverage of existing infrastructure & services via dedicated connectivity applications, utilising past investment. The design, security, management & scale of modern APIs removes the need for bespoke integrations or costly dedicated maintenance teams. Meta Edge enables plug & play functionality to all your required services, and provides the data backbone that manages & delivers your digital inventory.

• Global content Metadata delivery with monitoring, analytics & customisation.
• Deliver XML in IMF CPL, Apple UMC, Amazon CDF, Android SQLite & more.
• Deliver cost effective & highly-localised metadata globally.
• Main Industry XML delivery formats supported:


The Edge Gateway