Take Control of Delivery 

Present your preview, sales and syndication titles through a beautiful & cutting-edge platform.

Meta Connect is a beautiful, simple and cutting edge platform that allows you to share Meta titles with your customers that are available for preview, sales or syndication. With a consumer-facing styled interface, Connect dramatically simplifies the process of sharing content and maximising the value of your catalogue.

Core Connect Features 

  • Managing the process of sharing sales & syndication lineups with partners can be complex and time-consuming. Territories, languages, rights platforms, trailers, imagery and more all complicate the process. Connect allows you to manually or automatically create lineups & catalogue sets to share with different partners.

    Connect. All Features. 

    Intuitive CMS

    The configuration of the Connect platform is managed through dedicated tabs and pages in the Meta platform. Assign Users into User Groups, Assign Countries & Rights Platforms to the Group, and then create Collections & Lineups to share with them. Inherent Perpetual Rights Verification ensures the validity of lineups.


    We don’t understand why systems that deliver end-user experiences can be so good, but the systems enterprises use to manage those experiences are so poor. As such, we designed Meta Connect from the ground up, with the latest technologies, to give your enterprise users & and partners a consumer discovery experience.

    Lineup Manager

    Sharing content with partners is no straightforward task. Understanding their preferences and the opportunities within are skills that are built up over years. Meta’s lineup manager gives ultimate flexibility around what titles to share with your partners, when, how to group them and which to highlight & push upfront.


    The complex nature of managing & tracking rights positions means that it is commonplace to see under-utilisation of catalogues as companies are not inherently aware of what’s available across the business. Meta Connect presents every single title that is available to partners based upon validated rights information.

    Content Selections

    With Selections, users can group titles into orders for sales & syndication content ordering, review, budgeting or further discussions. It allows them to select Alternate Language Audio Tracks, Subtitles, to filter by distributor & rights platform and can be configured to drive scheduling & the downstream supply chain.

    Supply Chain Integration

    Some Sales & Syndication deals will always be complicated, but sometimes, easier partners with consistent terms allow for consistent ordering & delivery. In these scenarios, we can configure Meta to take orders from Connect, validate against pre-set rules and automate instruction for scheduling & content delivery.


    To fully convey the narrative, emotion, tone and excitement of your content, you need more than data and imagery. Videos are an essential part of the monetisation process, and Meta allows for the simple inclusion of full-length screeners, trailers, supplemental content, promos and more, alongside programme information.

    Metadata Presentation

    Of the thousands of attributes Meta stores against titles, not all are of interest to your partners. In the Meta Connect platform, when a titles is selected, an overlay appears displaying just the relevant information for sales, like Origination, Synopsis, Ratings, Measurement, Language Availability and Rights.

    Advanced Filtering

    If you want to share a large catalogue of titles it’s essential that your users have a way of quickly filtering content down based on a wide number of variables. The Connect Catalogue Content Filter allows users to perform compounded deductive filtering by Genre, Rating, Distributor, Rights Platform or Availability.

    Responsive Search

    We use the same Elastic Search component from the core Meta Platform as we do in the Connect portal. This enables the lightning-fast indexing of millions of titles and returns search results in milliseconds. With grouped Movie & TV Show results rows, you can see instantly if the title you’re looking for is available.

    User Groups

    Given the sensitive nature of content distribution, it’s essential that your partners see the titles you want them to see and no more. By setting up each partners as a User Group, and assigning lineups & catalogue selections explicitly to them, you can be confident you’re sharing the correct titles with the right party.

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