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Meta is the Content Metadata Platform and API Gateway for the Media & Entertainment Industries.

Meta enables customers to store identification, editorial, technical, rights, discovery and AI-generated content metadata for media and entertainment catalogues. It also stores additional metadata assets like images and videos that are required to complete a dynamic and compelling user experience.

Core Meta Features 

  • Speed is one of our key design requirements, and our technology stack has been carefully selected to accelerate user experience and API data tasks. Meta leverages the latest development frameworks and the extreme power of cloud technologies, empowering you to work with hugely complex data projects at incredible speeds.

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    Metadata Merging

    The VOD explosion highlights the fact that historically distinct metadata types have been managed in fragmentary ways. The volume of AI generated metadata simply compounds the problem. Meta takes the logical & elegant step of storing all types of content metadata side-by-side, in a platform optimised for performance.


    Designed for professionals with modern content catalogue requirements, the platform allows simple management of Movie, Supplemental Content and Short Form Content Titles, alongside TV Show, Season, Episode, Special and Storyline Titles. Unique Game and Contributor records are also available to complete your catalogue.


    EIDR is now the bedrock of a modern data-driven supply chain, and EIDR-Ready Partner Meta has the most advanced integration of any application. Instant, native matching based on just two attributes, advanced expanded search, attribute inheritance and registration that ensures adherence to best practice guidelines.


    The origination attributes are the foundational data points used for root matching and identification and are key to any catalogue. These include the Type of Record, Country of Origin + Primary Language - with all mapped codes - Release Year, Approximate Release Duration and contributing Studios & Production Companies.


    Historically, descriptors - think Genres - were the highest level of editorial and thematic categorisation. Today, this includes both manually entered & AI-generated values including: Genres, Sub-Genres, Keywords, Tags, Moods, Insights and Emotions, all complemented with Confidence Values & Timestamps as required.


    The Certification module allows entry of Internal Ratings, Third Party Ratings, Official Body Certifications and Age Guidance values for scheduling. With dynamic presentation of the Movielabs™ Content Rating Encoding Standard and auto-populated Common Sense Media Ratings, Meta makes Global Ratings assignment Universal.


    Simple but incredibly useful, the Links section stores URLs to related pages for a title in other platforms & systems. This could be links to internal systems or external platforms, and common third party links like IMDB, Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes can be automatically populated through the EIDR matching function.


    With multiple regions, catalogues, systems, sources and vendors and with legacy systems working alongside newly deployed supply chains, keeping an accurate & up-to-date index of IDs is essential. Meta allows storage of an unlimited number of Alternate IDs against titles, ensuring records are reconciled across estates.

    AI Metadata

    Leverage the power of AI to transform internal processes and drive advanced platform discovery. Meta's AI orchestration delivers your assets to the leading AI services, and brings back attributes like Keywords, Objects, Labels, Celebrities, Explicit Content, Moods and Emotions, all with timestamps and value ratings.


    Global catalogues require titles to have multiple character-length descriptions, against multiple languages, with variable character sets for multi-platform delivery. Meta provides elegant tools to store all necessary regional taglines, synopses & descriptions, all mapped to ISO and ITEF codes for flexible delivery.


    To deliver best-in-class Linear, VOD & OTT experiences across multiple device & presentation formats, concise & structured image management is essential. Meta enables you to organise and store Posters, Key Artwork, Head Shots, Background Art, Stills, Logos, Chapter Images & more across all title & collection types.

    Cast & Crew

    More than ever, Cast & Crew are used as search and discovery commands. Think "Show me award winning movies with Christian Bale", or "Show me Aaron Sorkin Shows". Meta stores all of the roles against titles that users consistently use to find titles, and allows ranking for each role type for flexible platform delivery.


    Essential for downstream Linear & VOD scheduling, and the key data attributes that drive the Meta Connect portal, Rights and Availability data is easily managed against titles through the UI or API. Meta's simple Rights component makes catalogue and scheduling management easy and helps to maximise your catalogue's value.


    With ever-expanding content franchises and continually evolving new title types, there is an important and complex web of title relationships & connections that must be maintained. Meta's linkages tool allows for the elegant management and simple navigation of all horizontally and vertically connected titles.


    Meta has powerful MAM integration capabilities, allowing users to create asset placeholders, link to components, assign IDs and retrieve technical metadata from 3rd party systems. Advanced capabilities include triggers for proxy generation, AI service orchestration and workflow notifications to content stakeholders.


    Previewing title videos within the Meta environment is a feature that users love, which enables the fast verification of metadata record matching to their corresponding assets. Utilising the MAM integration, Meta can automatically generate streaming proxies for presentation in the industry leading HTML5 video player.

    Running Orders

    When substantial portions of a programme are in violation of regional compliance regulations, it's sometimes necessary to remove entire epsiodes from a running order. Meta's innovative Alternative Running Order tool allows users to create multiple alternative running orders, and remove and re-order titles per region.

    User Management

    An important administrative feature of the platform is the simplicity and speed with which you can control the management of Users, User Groups and User Control Permissions. The registration, approval and organisation of users is natively included in the Meta platform UI, handled by designated Super-Administrators.

    Elastic Search

    The number of titles in a comprehensive catalogue can list into the millions, so you need a lightening-fast framework to store, retrieve and deliver records at this volume. Meta's record service is powered by RDS, Scaling EC2 and Elastic Search, meaning millions of records are indexed & can be retrieved in milliseconds.

    Ratings & Performance

    Performance and audience reception data for title releases can be crucially important for development teams, sales & syndication and user discovery. Meta allows for automated population of IMDB & MetaCritic scores & metrics and important Movie data like Box Office Gross, Lifetime Gross and Opening Theatre Numbers.

    Workflow Notifications

    With Meta managing mission-critical supply chain operations, business stakeholders can need notifications and reminders to perform important tasks. Meta's Workflow Notifications allow users to be tied to certain tasks & components within the platform, alerting them when certain conditions are met or actions performed.


    Meta's elegant Collections tool allows users to group multiple title-types into collections for a multitude of scheduling, internal & technical purposes. Grouped VOD scheduling, bulk asset MAM placeholder creation, and localisation ordering and management are all handled through the advanced Collections component.


    Once a simple process that defined the insertion points for commericals, segmentation metadata is now a powerful framework for user content navigation and descriptor assignment. Meta enables users to store segmentation data against titles, and can automate the process from third parties through the API Gateway.

    Attribute Inheritance

    When creating a skeleton framework for an extended season, think 100 episodes, assigning common metadata attributes to all titles can be a tedious task. Meta allows inheritance of attributes from the parent, saving time & sanity. Inheritance is also applied to our EIDR integration, speeding up enrichment substantially.

    Background Processes

    Even with cutting-edge, built for speed infrastructure, some bulk platform actions can take a little time. For tasks that are not instantaneous, we handoff activity to our background process manager, freeing up the user to continue working. An elegant progress monitor delivers updates and detailed progress reports.


    It is now standard practice to schedule Games to digital platforms alongside traditional entertainment titles, and Meta handles Game records just like any other titles. With Game-specific layouts, attributes & data lists and allowing storage of executable builds, Game publishing and deployment is simpler than ever.

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