Metadata Enrichment Sources

Andrew Holland delivers a detailed overview insight into the dynamic new field of Metadata Enrichment Sources.

The possibilities for metadata enrichment in media and entertainment are rapidly increasing in scope - there is now a wealth of opportunity on offer and Andy provides guidance on how to choose the best fit for your metadata needs.


Connect Prospectus

Dive a little deeper into the potential of the Meta Sales and Syndication platform - Connect

Meta Connect is a beautiful, cutting-edge platform that allows our customers to create lineups and catalogue selections and share them effortlessly with their B2B partners & affiliates.


The Subtleties of Synopses

Meta's editorial lead shares his knowledge on the subtle art form of synopsis writing.

Since the advent of social media, most people have begun to appreciate how much - or how little - it is possible to say when writing with a very limited number of characters. This outlines the most important things to consider when writing within such constraints.


Meta + Gracenote Intelligent Automation

Meta announces a ground-breaking new intelligent automated Gracenote integration.

Gracenote subscribers can now access TMS IDs and metadata at speed and volume - overcoming a major workflow bottleneck - via Meta’s new intelligent automated Gracenote Integration.


Case Study: WarnerMedia Localisations

Meta x WarnerMedia International

Meta’s localisation platform streamlines the core localisation processes, increasing employee productivity whilst reducing the margin for human error, all the while keeping a clear audit trail of orders and assets through the international supply chain.


Video: 3 Minutes. 5 Problems, 5 Benefits, 5 Steps to Win

Rapid-fire Metadata problem-solving with Meta CEO Rob Tucker

In this video Rob Tucker (CEO Meta Data systems) takes just 3 minutes to deliver a rapid-fire assessment of the 5 major metadata problems faced by most media and entertainment businesses, the 5 biggest benefits gained from great metadata, and then offers 5 clear steps describing how to make a success of your metadata transformation.


Six Steps to Success & Meta X-ray

A six step guide to transform the metadata in your business

In this paper we’re going to focus on Metadata in the context of the Media & Entertainment Industry and why it’s the most important thing you need to consider right now. We’re going to give you an outline of the steps you need to go through to get from where you are today, to where you need to be, to drive world class entertainment experiences.


Meta Prospectus

Meta Provides an in depth prospectus starting from it's inception to where it is today

Meta began as a title catalogue management application for media and entertainment catalogues, that enabled title enrichment with IDs, editorial & descriptive, technical, rights and AI-generated content metadata, alongside storing related assets like images and videos. However, a process of rapid product evolution has brought together a comprehensive suite of tools and API capabilities that now position Meta as the market-leading front-end user interface for the modern media value-chain.


Video: Metadata Transformation

CEO Rob Tucker outlines the steps needed to transform your metadata

In this video, Rob Tucker (CEO Meta Data systems) will focus on Metadata in the context of the Media & Entertainment Industry, and why it’s the most important thing you need to consider right now. Rob outlines the steps you need to take to drive your digital transformation in the right direction - allowing you to monetise your legacy catalogue, make your business exponentially more efficient, and deliver world class entertainment experiences.


Video: Introduction to Meta

Meta Founder Rob Tucker delivers a demo of the Meta platform

Watch Meta founder Rob Tucker demonstrate the key features of the Meta platform in this swift but thorough guided-tour. For more information on a particular aspect of the product, or to arrange a full demonstration, please email