Meta People.
Bringing data to life.

Like any epic production, you need a great crew & supporting cast. At Meta, we take pride in attracting the industry's brightest minds to form our distinct perspectives. It is the diverse set of skills, personalities and experiences that make us one of the world's leading data companies.

Cast & Crew

Robin Tucker
Founder & CEO
Rob Tucker is the product lead at Meta and serves on its Board of Directors. Prior to joining Meta, Rob spent 15 years working between startups and enterprise broadcasters, on products & services in the broadcast technology field. Rob has 6 worldwide Patents relating to accelerated video transfer protocols and received a First Class degree in Digital Television & Film from Kent University.

Shaun McCarthy
General Manager
Shaun brings a wealth of business experience and knowhow to Meta, gained over his career as an executive manager, leveraging corporate resources with a focus on creating sustainable value and competitive advantage through customer engagement. Shaun is an industry expert with extensive experience in start-ups, operations, sales, marketing, IT Projects, Data Analytics and Platforms.

Colin Whitfield
Operational Lead
Colin is Meta’s Operational Lead & works closely alongside the CEO. Since the founding of the business, Colin has overseen the day-to-day business activities alongside the definition & ongoing execution of the operational strategies & policies. He also has responsibility for human resource management and the communication of strategy & policies to the Meta employees.

Liam McCarthy
Product Manager
Liam is responsible for creating & maintaining data models to support the underlying frameworks of the Meta platform. Liam works closely with new & existing clients to analyse, profile, match, ingest & clean existing catalog databases and is the business lead for Meta’s ongoing interoperability and compliance with the leading industry Data & ID Register Standards & Integrations including EIDR, ISAN and DPP.


Gareth Joseph
Digital Workflow Specialist
Gareth works closely with the Meta team to consult on workflow & supply chain considerations, and to design and develop a range of processes that support and improve ongoing projects. Gareth has managed business developments for stakeholders in the following areas: Acquisitions, Rights Management, Content & Workflow Tracking, HR Contractor Onboarding, Workflow, Finance & Legal.


Andrew Holland
Editorial Metadata Manager
Andrew specialises in the creation & curation of Editorial & Descriptive Metadata for VoD, OTT and D2C platforms & services. Andrew was recently responsible for creating the entire editorial catalog for the Turner & Warner Brothers VoD platform “FilmStruck”, and he is now managing WarnerMedia’s editorial catalogue migration from legacy systems into the new bespoke Meta platform.


Theodoros Moschos
Senior Back-End Engineer
Theo is responsible for the application architecture and API development services that underpin the Meta platform. He has a pivotal role in the overall design and maintenance of the modular, core infrastructure and integration layers. Theo brings extensive cloud, API and application framework experience to the team and is able to multi-task and communicate calmly and efficiently.

Stanislav Lukasov
Senior Front-End Engineer
Stan delivers excellent front end UI & UX components for the Meta Applications with clean designs and beautiful user journeys. He is central in the design, development and testing of the platform and is at the cutting edge of new technologies, processes and tools which he brings to the Meta experience. He brings exceptional experience in building high-volume applications in agile environments.

Jacky Wong
Senior Full-Stack & API Developer
Jacky brings exceptional full-stack development and technical problem-solving skills to the Meta platform. He plays the central role in API Gateway development, delivering the rapid and seamless API integration that makes Meta such a powerful and connected platform. Jacky’s extensive knowledge and experience helps him deliver frequent updates with unrivalled efficiency.

Gus Savy
Audio Engineering Lead
Gus ensures that the Meta platform integrates seamlessly with the industry standard audio & post-production technology landscape. He also manages the relationships with third party vendors that automate delivery of music cue sheet reporting and programme metadata management to broadcasters, collecting societies and other media companies. Gus brings broad creative & management experience from his composition & label background.

Pat McCarthy
Data Discovery Lead
Pat brings considerable experience from both a data visualisation and a data discovery perspective to Meta. Pat managed the metadata, artwork, design and video encoding pipeline for the Warner Media VoD platform “FilmStruck” and continues to work closely with Warner Media to assist the migration of their catalogue into Meta.

Gabriella Burraway
Metadata Specialist
Gabby specialises in the curation and moderation of the core metadata as it is added to the Meta platform. Gabby brings a specialised understanding of the client’s specific media and content catalogue, ensuring that the vast data migration onto the new platform proceeds efficiently and smoothly, with full quality assurance.



Meta's advisory board provides deep industry knowledge and guidance to the team. It's members are leaders in the world of Film, Broadcast, Gaming and Software globally. All members of the Advisory board participate in a personal capacity.


James Crossland
SVP Technology & Operations, Turner

James is VP for EMEA & APAC Technology & Operations at Turner with responsibility for the media supply chain operations and the strategic direction on investments, applications and solutions to enable Turner’s channels, platforms, partnerships and business models. With a history of leading broad industry initiatives, James provides guidance & knowledge on OTT, VoD & D2C best-practice.

Alan Piper
Digital Cinema Executive

Through a succession of executive roles at the movie industry's leading companies, Alan has been at the forefront of Digital Cinema & market innovation for over 20 years. A pioneer in the digital cinema revolution, Alan has worked closely with feature films like “The Hobbit” trilogy, “The Martian” and Emmy-winning shows like “House of Cards”. Alan contributes a wealth of deep technical knowledge.   |


Danton Tanimura
Motion Picture Sound Supervisor

Danton has worked on the creation & delivery of over 100 Motion Picture & TV Episodes soundtracks, including “Hercules”, “War & Peace” and “Troy”. With equal creative & technical expertise, Danton also works on Google’s hardware products as Lead UX Sound Designer. Danton advises on technical audio data management from both the Feature Film & software / hardware industries.


James Thomas
Data Governance & Asset Director, Dentsu Aegis

James leads the Data initiatives for Dentsu Aegis, a multinational media group specialising in Media, Digital and creative communications services. James has recently enabled significant consolidation of international asset management systems through the implementation of modern data governance and identification practices and brings Meta valuable commercial & advertising metadata guidance.

Peter Baker
VoD Solutions Consultant

Pete has a deep technical understanding of VoD scheduling & syndication workflow best-practise and has been responsible for the design & build of media content operations platforms for blue chip studios & broadcasters. With a strong focus on automated cloud-based global solutions, both asset & metadata, Pete brings a broad wealth of non-linear expertise to the team. 

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Erwan Maigret

Erwan is a leading expert in software design for Graphics & Mobile technologies and supervises the technology and development of innovative products in large scale studios and startups. He specialises in 3D, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Computer Vision and has experience at the highest technical executive levels in some of the world's leading companies in these sectors.

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Andy Needham
Animation Director for Advertising, Broadcast & Branded Content

Andy is responsible for motion graphics creation & delivery at the highest levels of the Film, Broadcast & Commercial industries. Andy has provided motion projects for clients including Apple, Google, Coldplay, NBA and The X-Factor. He is also a leading figure in the community, often presenting keynote demonstrations at the NAB conference in Las Vegas and is a leading expert on the Metadata requirements of the motion design sector of the industry.

Cornita Malvin-Liviu
Web Application Architect

Liviu has worked at the cutting edge of the web software industry for over a decade, specialising in secure, scalable & fast big data platforms in the FinTech sector. The exacting requirements of this sector demand architectural excellence through the technology stack, which in turn provide a wonderful reference point for the Meta platform. Liviu provides guidance and advice on architecture, DevOps & development architecture.


Poya Farighi
MD, Stanley Park Blockchain Technology

Poya founded Stanley Park Digital, a full service technology company specialising in Blockchain technology. With a rare mix of technical expertise and financial literacy Poya & Stanley park apply both to the ever-evolving blockchain landscape, creating in-house products & helping clients build blockchain applications. Poya advises on the newly emerging blockchain rights-management initiatives & future integration opportunities.

Ian Whitfield
Founder, Virtual AI & Senior Broadcast Executive

Ian is an experienced broadcast, finance and technology executive, with a demonstrated history of delivering enterprise computer software solutions. With an exceptional background in Business & Operations Management, Broadcasting, Financial Services, IT & Strategic partnerships Ian provides Meta with some "adult supervision".

Dean Shepherd
Founder & Chartered Accountant, MMI

Dean, a Chartered Tax Advisor, is a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation and sits on their professional Standards Committee. He regularly guest lectures on business start up courses and co-wrote the tax chapters of Alison Branagan’s book, “The Essential Guide to Business for Visual Artists”. Dean advises the business on accounting, business support, financial planning and analysis, and tax functions.



Andrew Holland
Director, MetaScribe

Andrew specialises in the creation & curation of Editorial Metadata for VoD, OTT and D2C platforms & services. With fast, accurate & contextual metadata driving discovery & consumption, the editorial quality & relevance of catalog data is crucial. Andrew was recently responsible for the entire Editorial catalog for the Turner & Warner Brothers VoD platform “FilmStruck” and advises Meta & our clients on editorial quality & governance.